Feat. on the road with Gigsy and Senseless Things; Hull music memories; the Twenty Seven Club playlist and more!

It’s launch day! I’m excited about The Twenty Seven Club e-books landing on tablets - and of course nervous about the response!

I’m also looking forward to tonight’s author event with writers Karl Whitney and Guy Mankowski, hosted by Forum Books and BBC Newcastle’s Anna Foster. If you fancy joining us, grab a last minute ticket below:


Anyway, to celebrate the day, I’ve pulled together some stuff including an interview with former Senseless Things roadie, Gigsy; a celebration of Hull’s music scene pre City of Culture, a photo gallery of 90s memories from some lovely social media and IRL friends, and of course the Twenty Seven Club ‘mix tape’ (aka Spotify playlist) to enjoy while you read the book.

I’m currently waiting on my husband’s Greggs delivery of Diet Coke, Vegan Sausage roll and chocolate chip cookie then things will really get going.

Happy Hump Day!

Lucy xxx

PS - if you haven’t ordered your copy of the book yet, click here.

A tribute to Mark Keds And Senseless Things

Before sharing anything else, I wanted to share a post I wrote and published after hearing about the sad death of Mark Keds - singer/songwriter for Senseless Things and Deadcuts - in January of this year. I never met Mark - and in fact I only saw ST play live once - but his songs were a big part of my youth and I still listen to them almost daily today! There are some lovely memories in the comments from other fans so do have a read of those too. RIP Mark Keds.


The Twenty Seven Club - book trailer

If you fancy a taste of what the book’s all about, check out this great little trailer created by the brilliant Simon Crook of Linear Fox Graphics. Oh and - spooky - I never realised Simon had a huge number 27 tattooed across his chest. So he was obviously the best man for the job!

On the road with Gigsy and Senseless Things

As part of my book research for The Twenty Seven Club, I chatted to Paul McGivern aka Gigsy about his many years touring with Senseless Things. Most of it has been saved to bring the book to life, but here’s a little taster…


Hull - where culture existed way before 2017

Yep, there was a hell of a lot happening in Hull - the setting for The Twenty Seven Club - way before it became the City of Culture in 2017. So, just for fun, here are some memories of the music venues we Hullensians loved back in the day.


Twenty Seven Club - the mixtape (aka Spotify playlist)

It’s a cracking soundtrack if I do say so myself. Best enjoyed with the book, a cup of tea and a malted milk biscuit or twenty seven. ☺️

Your memories

To finish, here’s a fun little slideshow of all the lush 90s, music or Hull pics sent to me by a bunch of lovely people. Oh - and if you have any 90s memories please share them in the comments or on Twitter/Insta using #The27Club.